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Worry stones are used to reduce stress and temper anxiety. Hold the worry stone between index finger and thumb and gently move your thumb back and forth over the stone. This stimulates the hand nerves that reduce stress. It is a natural calming aid. Native American peoples had a habit of passing on their worry stones to the younger generation, thus preserving a sense of belonging


Tourmaline (black) has a strong cleansing and protective effect. The stone ground and brings balance to body and mind and converts negative energy, behavioral patterns and thoughts into positive ones. Tourmaline cleanses the aura and body and removes negative energy. This balances the chakras, the body and emotions. This promotes relaxation, understanding, self-confidence, prosperity and reduces blockages, fear and taking on a victim role. Tourmaline has a special connection with flowers and plants. It promotes their growth and protects against pests.

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ongeveer 4 cm

Worry stone Tourmaline black

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